Back on WPG Talk Radio, Brian Fitzherbert announces that he is suspending his campaign for NJ02

On May 4, 2018, NJ02 Congressional Candidate Brian T. Fitzherbert formally announces that he is suspending his campaign for the United States House of Representatives on WPG Talk Radio with legendary host Harry Hurley. Other discussion points include the ballot issue, examples of signatures that were invalidated, and the state of the race now with 4 candidates remaining.

Fellow Congressional Candidate Robert Turkavage calls in with kind words about Brian's departure from the race and a discussion about the primary. Additionally, Fellow Congressional Candidate Sam Fiocchi calls in to declare "this is not the last we've seen of Brian Fitzherbert." Among other topics discussed are Brian's background in Defense & Aerospace, his FBI background check for his Security Clearance, and how that would have served South Jersey on committees in Congress

Brian Fitzherbert Suspends Campaign

Cape May Herald, May 4,

WASHINGTON - Brian Fitzherbert announces he will suspend his campaign for New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District

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Candidate Drops out of Primary

Ocean City Sentinel, Eric Avedissian

SOMERS POINT – Republican Second Congressional District candidate Brian Fitzherbert announced he would end his run for Congressman Frank LoBiondo’s seat.

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Fitzherbert out of 2nd district race

NJ Globe, May 4,

The 29-year-old first-time candidate won the organization line in Gloucester County, but didn’t file enough signatures on his petitions to withstand a challenge from one of his primary rivals, Hirsh Singh.  Secretary of State Tahesha Way removed him from the ballot last month — a move an administrative law judge upheld.

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Fitzherbert drops out of local congressional race

98.7 The, May 4,

One republican has dropped out of the party’s primary for the congressional seat being vacated by Frank LoBiondo. Brian Fitzherbert announced that he’s suspended his campaign, effectively leaving the race.

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Somers Point Man Drops out of Second Congressional Race

Ocean City Patch, May 4,

Brian Fitzherbert announced he was withdrawing from the chase for Frank LoBiondo's seat on Friday.

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Fitzherbert Suspends Campaign for Congress in New Jersey’s 2nd District

For Immediate Release, May 4, 2018

On November 7, 2017, when Congressman Frank LoBiondo announced that he would not seek re-election for the 2018 Midterms, it took me about a week to determine that I was going to enter the race in the attempt to succeed him. I wasn’t politically active, but that doesn’t mean I hadn’t been watching. For years.

For twenty-four years, Congressman LoBiondo has done everything in his power to help South Jersey, develop the FAA Tech Center, and do what he thought was best for the residents. It would be big shoes to fill to take up his mantle in the 2nd District. This race was a Federal campaign, and the winner would go to Washington D.C. to represent South Jersey; not everyone understood what that meant.

With my background in Defense & Aerospace, I believe my resume could be leveraged by those in South Jersey to bring much needed jobs in manufacturing to balance out the tourism industry. It would be a magnet that could keep younger New Jerseyans in the district instead of the exodus we’ve seen in recent years.

In the first three months of the Republican Primary, the process was cordial and included other candidates that were nothing short of the very definition of what means to be a gentleman. Robert Turkavage and Sam Fiocchi, in particular, are men of impeccable character. Another candidate, John Zarych, who withdrew from the race at the Atlantic County Convention, showed respect to a newcomer like me that was much appreciated. But after the convention season was over, one Republican candidate fired the first shot.

While it's not God's plan for me in 2018 to represent the constituents of the 2nd District, it sheds great light on his creation of America; only in this great nation could someone like me have the opportunity to run for federal office at the age of twenty-eight.

My parents raised me to be independent and self-made. Those were some of the values that were instilled along with my Conservative principles.

Those values are what drove me to work my way through college as a member of the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) union employed by ShopRite and Kroger.

The values that led me to be recruited by a $14 billion company like Textron and work my way up in the company to a role where most of my peers are fifteen years older than me. Being a Senior Project Manager responsible for $30 million programs building drones and ground control stations supporting the United States Army is never a dull moment.

The values that led me to purchase my own home in Somers Point at the age of twenty-three and be Michael Monihan’s youngest buyer.

The values that Textron recognized when they paid for my tuition for my graduate studies at Johns Hopkins University.

My mission at work has always been to support the Warfighter with products in the Defense and Aerospace industry to carry out their missions in theater. My goal in the 2nd District is to serve as South Jersey’s vehicle and voice in Washington D.C. because I’m someone that understands not just the local issues, but the national issues across our great county. And understands South Jersey without hesitation.

As I mentioned in my announcement of my campaign, South Jersey has always been the place I called home; even as I’ve lived all across the United States in Ohio, Texas, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Kansas, and Massachusetts.

There are so many people that I’ve met in the last few months; I let you down. I should have been prepared for nasty opponents that will do anything in their quest for power. To throw everything at the wall to see what stuck is a childish ploy. Even from a candidate in my own party.

The challenge to the voters that signed my petition was unfortunate. The judge then ruled to invalidate enough signatures to drop me below the required 200 threshold, disregarding voter intent. Among other invalidations, apparently young conservatives that have grown (along with their signature) since they registered and thus have “a different signature” was enough for the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). Or voters that signed a second candidate’s petition whom they connected more with over the primary.

I took exception to the ALJ decision with the NJ Secretary of State, who rubberstamped the ruling. I then spoke with a half dozen attorneys in the attempt to appeal the decision of the Secretary of State with the Superior Court of New Jersey.

After many discussions and deliberations, the conclusion became that there was no viable option to secure my position on the ballot again. With that realization, I have determined that its best that I suspend my campaign for the United States House of Representatives in the 2nd District of New Jersey. The fact that legally I’m seven signatures short of being on the ballot is on me. Lesson learned.

I’m humbled by Chairman Jim Philbin and the Gloucester County GOP. They endorsed me and I will NEVER forget the support and loyalty they showed me during the ballot issue process. They were approached to drop me and endorse another candidate but they refused. “Brian is our candidate,” they charged. Those in Gloucester GOP are the very example of what it means to be a Republican.

I wish Robert Turkavage, Sam Fiocchi and Seth Grossman all the luck in the final month of the Republican Primary.

The sheer number of people asking to “write-in” my name on June 5th through social media is beyond humbling. All of those in South Jersey that have contacted the campaign showing support for my candidacy is like rocket fuel to stay engaged. Words can’t describe it.

I continue to stand strong in my principles; I’m ProLife because a heartbeat ends a life just as it begins a life. The #2ndAmendment is my gun permit and it’s in the Constitution to protect the other twenty-six. I’ll continue to support the WarFighter in theater and do everything I can when they come home as Veterans. I’ll remain a proud foot soldier for Donald Trump and his efforts to #MAGA.

As I’ve mentioned numerous times on the campaign trail, under President Trump, the Republican Party is reborn. The war to protect the U.S. Constitution rages on. And Frank LoBiondo will not be the last Republican Congressman in South Jersey. I’ll be back. - BTF

NJ02 Debate- Part 2

NJCR, April 21

Part 2 of the NJ02 Debate. The Congressional Candidates answer questions concerning the Federal Government's involvement with education, medical care, etc. in light of Constitutional directives. Four of five candidates in the race participated. Hirsh Singh was a no-show. Sponsored by the New Jersey Constitutional Republicans. More video of the debate to follow

NJ02 Debate Opening Statements

NJCR, April 21

Opening Statements of the NJ02 Debate. Four of five candidates in the race participated. Hirsh Singh was a no-show. Sponsored by the New Jersey Constitutional Republicans. More video of the debate to follow

NJ02: State formalizes Fitzherbert's ballot ejection amid recrimations

Save Jersey, April 12

Fitzherbert now has the opportunity to press his case with the Superior Court. “I’m formally appealing,” the candidate told Save Jersey on Thursday morning after this story originally ran.

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Fitzherbert will appeal ballot removal

New Jersey Globe, April 10

Congressional candidate Brian Fitzherbert will appeal a judge’s ruling that removed 26 signatures from his nominating petition and knocked him below the 200-signature threshold needed to run for the second congressional district’s House seat.

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GOP Candidate accuses Front Runner of Bouncing Him off Ballot, April 10

One of the republicans who is seeking his party’s nomination to run for Congress in November is accusing the front runner of trying to get his name off the ballot.  Brian Fitzherbert issued a scathing press release against Hirsh Singh, accusing Singh of trying to get his nomination off the primary ballot.  Fitzherbert called Singh a quote “33 year old boy who lives at home with his parents”

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Fiocchi Rams Singh in the Aftermath of Fitzherbert Ejection, April 10

Republican candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District, former Assemblyman Sam Fiocchi (R-2), assumed the role of elder chastising statesman as he oratorically grabbed whippersnapper Hirsh Singh by the scruff of his neck and laid into him.

Beaten by Singh in the convention season, Fiocchi sided with fellow one-county winner Brian Fitzherbert in the flap over Singh’s challenge to Fitz’s pettion sigs, identifying those 26 rejected signatures from Fitzherbert’s nominating petitions.

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Ejected from the cd2 race, appealing fitzherbert tees off on singh, April 10

Dumped from the CD2 Republican Primary field on a judge’s order, an appealing Brian Fitzherbert fingered the challenge to his petition signatures as the handiwork of CD2 frontrunner Hirsh Singh.

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Fitzherbert back on WPG Talk Radio to discuss the outcome of Court regarding his ballot place challenge in GOP Primary

On April 10, 2018, the petitioner challenging Fitzherbert's position on the ballot, Chris Coleman, leader of Galloway Republican Club, says Hirsh Singh had no involvement. The voters in NJ02 can decide for themselves after listening.

Immediately after, Congressional Candidate Brian Fitzherbert was back on WPG Talk Radio with Harry Hurley to confirm it was in fact Hirsh Singh that is attempting to remove him from the June 5, 2018 primary ballot. Hirsh Singh's campaign manager, Michael D. Byrne, spearheaded the entire effort in court.

Challenge to Fitzherbert’s place on the Ballot by Hirsh Singh Campaign

For immediate release, April 10, 2018

-Senator Jeff Van Drew’s best day of the campaign-

Early yesterday morning, I confirmed on WPG Talk Radio with host Harry Hurley that there was a challenge of my position on the ballot for the June 5, 2018 GOP Primary for the United States House of Representatives in New Jersey’s 2nd District. I was contacted by election officials in Trenton on Friday, April 6, 2018 around 6:30pm while in attendance to the "Special Evening with Brian Kilmeade and Harry Hurley" charity event at Resorts Casino Hotel. I was informed that my court hearing would be yesterday, April 9, 2018 at 9:30am in Mercerville, New Jersey, outside the 2nd District.

I spoke about it with Harry Hurley on his show (audio on Facebook). Fellow Republican Candidate, Sam Fiocchi, called in the show to offer kind words to support my place on the ballot and that whomever was responsible for attempting to remove me from the ballot was going down an avenue that was not becoming of Republicans. As a trained problem-solver, I deployed the use of Occam’s razor to determine that Hirsh Vardhan Singh / Hirsh Singh was responsible.

The challenge was regarding the amount of signatures necessary to secure a place on the ballot; all candidates need 200 signatures minimum. I submitted more than 200 signatures by the April 2, 2018 deadline.

The individual that filed the challenge to my signatures was Galloway Republicans leader Chris Coleman. However, as I identified on the radio earlier yesterday morning, he was not the brainchild behind this attack on my campaign and attempt to remove me from the ballot; it was Hirsh Vardhan Singh, another candidate in the #NJ02 race. He is the Republican that fired the first shot in this primary.

Hirsh Vardhan Singh’s Campaign Manager, Michael D Byrne was in the court room. He first identified himself when the judge asked who he was, as “just a guy” watching the court hearing. Then he declared himself a political consultant and witness to Chris Coleman when I started to defend my signatures with voter identification evidence. When asked who Michael D Byrne worked for, he was evasive and said that he worked for “multiple politicians across the state” deliberately using language to hide that he was working for Hirsh Vardhan Singh. I clarified for the judge that he was the campaign manager for an opponent that was not present.

Michael D Byrne then took his place next to Chris Coleman at the table in front of the judge. Michael D Byrne even confirmed under oath that he was the individual that filed the Open Record Act request to gain access to my signatures for review. Michael D Byrne spoke roughly 90% of the time while Chris Coleman barely said anything throughout the day.

I spent seven hours in a court room yesterday defending my signatures (not waiting, in front of the judge). My fellow Republican Candidate, Robert Turkavage accompanied me to court in support of my place on the ballot. At the end of the day, the judge determined that I was seven signatures shy of the 200 requirement. The decision will be formalized tomorrow and I’m appealing the decision.

In attempt to remove me from the ballot, Hirsh Vardhan Singh deployed an Obama and Saul Alinsky tactic most famously referenced in the book, Rules for Radicals. Those that remember, Obama won his first Senate election by disqualifying all the candidates on the ballot in the Democratic primary. Republicans are supposed to be above dirty tricks. Apparently, Hirsh Vardhan Singh is not. How a candidate acts in an election is a precursor for how they will act in office.

Hirsh Vardhan Singh is a 33-year-old boy that lives at home with his parents, but wants to be a Congressman representing #SouthJersey. At least right now. He’s a professional politician that has run for Governor, Senate, and Congress, all in the last twelve months. Someone that wanted to "go to war with the Republican establishment" when he was a Senate Candidate earlier this year when he called me to "team-up." Hirsh Vardhan Singh has no platform, other than to build a bridge from Cape May to Delaware with taxpayer money. If he wins, and this bridge happens, I hope he puts his name on it so that everyone can be reminded of what a colossal waste of money it was and that it did nothing to bring economic development to the 2nd District.

With this Republican on Republican attack started by Hirsh Vardhan Singh, Senator Jeff Van Drew has enjoyed the best day of the campaign. I’m sure he is relishing in the fact that a Republican fired a shot and just got dirty in this race.

As I mentioned, I will appeal this decision and let the process play out to secure my place on the ballot. My supporters across the 2nd District deserve to have the opportunity to vote for me on June 5, 2018.

My final thoughts on the day were to wonder why Hirsh Vardhan Singh would target me specifically to remove me from the ballot; if I wasn’t a threat he would’ve just ignored me. But he didn’t.

I’m not going anywhere. -BTF

Fitzherbert returns to WPG Talk Radio to discuss a challenge to position on the ballot. He will be in court later in the morning

Congressional Candidate Brian Fitzherbert returned to WPG Talk Radio with Harry Hurley on April 9, 2018 to discuss the ballot challenge as well as who he believes is behind the attack on his campaign.

Brian was back on WPG Talk Radio to discuss what occured at the Cumberland GOP Convention and preparation for the Atlantic County GOP Convention

Congressional Candidate Brian Fitzherbert was on WPG Talk Radio with host Harry Hurley once more on March 22, 2018 discussing the latest on the CD2 Race in South Jersey.

Brian Returns to WPG Talk Radio with Harry Hurley to discuss the race since he won the endorsement of Gloucester County GOP

On March 19, 2018, Brian Fitzherbert sat down once again with the Mayor of the Morning to discuss the race for NJ02.

Brian Fitzherbert stops by News Talk 1400AM WOND on “Off the Press with Scott Cronick” to discuss his campaign for NJ’s 2nd Congressional District

On March 14, 2018, Candidate Brian Fitzherbert sat down with Scott Cronick from New Talk Radio 1400AM to discuss his background in Defense & Aerospace and his run for the NJ02 Congressional Race.

Fitzherbert Wins Gloucester GOP's support as South Jersey counties present divided front

Save Jersey, March 16

Somers Point engineer and N.J. politics neophyte Brian Fitzherbert has earned the support of Gloucester County’s Republican Party, Save Jerseyans.

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Gloucester GOP backs Fitzherbert for LoBiondo seat

New Jersey Globe, March 14

South Jersey congressional race wide open for Republicans.

Brian Fitzherbert, a 28-year-old engineer for a defense contractor, has won the GOP organization line in Gloucester County in his bid to succeed Frank LoBiondo in Congress.

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Gloucester County GOP Endorses 2018 Ticket

Chairman Philbin calls Gloucester an emerging swing county-

For Immediate Release, Contact: Jim Philbin,

East Greenwich – Gloucester County Republican Chairman Jim Philbin today announced his organization’s endorsed candidates for federal office in 2018 and he praised the party rank-and-file for a massive turnout at their first-ever Lincoln Reagan Day dinner held last Friday, which was headlined by former Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli as the keynote speaker.

“We had an excellent crop of candidates to interview this year, and each one of them understands how important Gloucester County is going to be to their path to victory in November,” said Chairman Philbin, who pointed out that Governor Christie won Gloucester County twice and President Trump won it in 2016.  “Republican registration numbers in Gloucester County are growing at a faster rate than nearly every county in the state, and Governor Murphy’s big tax and spend budget announcement this week only pours fuel on that fire.  Add to that Senator Menendez’s corruption case and his crony going to jail for Medicare fraud, and Republicans have a lot of reasons to feel confident about our prospects for success.”

The Gloucester County Republican Executive Committee announced the following candidates had secured the party line for the June Primary:

Bob Hugin for United States Senate

Paul Dilks for 1st Congressional District

Brian Fitzherbert for 2nd Congressional District

Who are the GOP Candidates that could follow Frank LoBiondo?

OCNJ Daily, Press Release March 11

New Jersey’s Second Congressional District encompasses a vast swath of territory in the southern part of the state – eight counties and 92 towns.

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Who are the GOP Candidates that could follow Frank LoBiondo?

OCNJ Daily, Press Release March 11

New Jersey’s Second Congressional District encompasses a vast swath of territory in the southern part of the state – eight counties and 92 towns.

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Brian Fitzherbert drops by 98.7 The Coast to discuss his campaign for NJ’s 2nd Congressional District

Brian Fitzherbert was on 98.7 The Coast with host Phil Pizzi discussing his candidacy for Congress in New Jersey's 2nd District and his vision for #NewWaveForSouthJersey.

On March 7, 2018, Candidate Brian Fitzherbert sat down with Phil Pizzi from 98.7 The Coast to discuss his plan for economic development in South Jersey if he is elected Congressman.

Brian Fitzherbert returns to WPG Talk Radio to discuss his run for CD2

On February 28, 2018, Brian returned to WPG Talk Radio with Hurley in the Morning and talks about his campaign and the new candidates that have entered the race. He also speaks about his background in Defense & Aerospace and his push to expand the William J. Hughes Technical Center in Atlantic County. Part 1/4

In Part 2, Fitzherbert is asked about the possibility of a rigged Republican Convention in each county of CD2 with Harry Hurley on WPG Talk Radio. Also, discussed is the possibility of a contested June 5th, 2018 Republican Primary.

In Part 3, Fitzherbert talks more about the other candidates in the race for CD2 and goes deeper into his background in Defense and Aerospace. He also speaks about being fully vetted by the FBI for his Top-Secret Clearance.

In the final part of Brian's interview return to WPG Talk Radio with Harry Hurley, he speaks about his engineering skill sets and ability to solve technical problems in the Defense and Aerospace Industry.

3 more candidates want to succeed LoBiondo in D.C.

Add three more candidates to the list of those seeking the U.S. House being vacated by retiring Rep. Frank LoBiondo.

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Fitzherbert Announces Run for Congress

Cape May Herald, Press Release 

SOMERS POINT – Brian Fitzherbert, of Somers Point, announced his candidacy Jan. 24 for New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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Somers Point's Brian Fitzherbert joins race for 2nd District Congress seat

Press of Atlantic City, Jan 25, 2018

Republican Brian T. Fitzherbert announced his candidacy Wednesday for New Jersey’s 2nd District in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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Somers Point Man To Pursue Second Congressional District Seat

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Brian Fitzherbert announces his run for the United States House of Representatives in New Jersey's 2nd District on WPG Talk Radio

On January 24, 2018, Brian announced his candidacy exclusively on WPG Talk Radio 104.1 with Hurley in the Morning! Part 1/4

On January 24, 2018, Brian announced his candidacy exclusively on WPG Talk Radio 104.1 with Hurley in the Morning! Part 2/4

On January 24, 2018, Brian announced his candidacy exclusively on WPG Talk Radio 104.1 with Hurley in the Morning! Part 3/4

On January 24, 2018, Brian announced his candidacy exclusively on WPG Talk Radio 104.1 with Hurley in the Morning! Part 4/4