Economic Development

Brian believes South Jersey is primed for economic growth that can be further stimulated in concert with federal policy.

The 2nd District relies heavily on tourism and casinos. With double digit unemployment, new industry is needed to jolt the South Jersey economy. The footprint with aviation and aerospace can be expanded, especially now that corporate taxes have been lowered to 21%. Brian will work to bring more companies to the FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center and develop the campus further.

South Jersey can be an attractive place for domestic and foreign businesses to relocate, especially with access to an international airport, public transit, available high-skilled professionals, and close proximity to larger cities like New York, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C.   Brian’s background in defense, aerospace, and aviation will allow him to negotiate from a position of first-hand knowledge to ensure South Jersey's 2nd District flourishes.

To support our local farms, Brian is committed to working with the White House to continue to roll back unnecessary, inefficient, and redundant regulatory processes affecting the agricultural industry. The intent is to reduce costs and obstruction of the current time-consuming process to push through new technological opportunities, not a total removal of regulation that keep us safe. Brian personally stocked Jersey Fresh produce when he worked at ShopRite in college and knows residents value and support their local farms. He will serve as a vehicle for farmers to voice their burdens.


Brian believes Healthcare should be a market-based solution that empowers individuals and provides needed safety nets.

Brian opposes the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare. He supports a Repeal and Replace effort that includes common sense solutions to improve access, quality, and lower costs. However, any vote to repeal would have to include replacement framework that would provide a market-based solution that empowers individuals rather than a one-size fits all government solution. The President and Congress have already repealed the burdensome tax penalty that forced residents to purchase a product or pay a fine, but adjustments to essential benefits must be made as it’s a heavy burden on providing competitive, affordable care. This will dramatically lower premiums for everyone and ensure healthcare for patients with pre-existing conditions.

2nd Amendment

Brian believes Americans have a right to self-defense and our 2nd Amendment rights shall not be infringed.

The right to bear arms is an inalienable right that must be fought for and protected. Americans have the God given right, as recognized in our Constitution’s 2nd Amendment, as well as a natural and human right to protect their families, their homes, and local communities.

The Republican Party is the only party left that will stand up for the right of a law-abiding citizen to own a firearm.  The Democrats have shown time and time again their willingness to take an unfortunate event, such as a shooting, and use it to strip away the rights of the masses in the name of government protection. Local law enforcement has a critical role in protecting our communities, but they can’t be in all places at all times.  As a Congressman, Brian will vote against any bill that strips away the rights of law-abiding citizens.

Furthermore, Brian supports the fight against a national gun registry and magazine capacity restrictions. He also supports the purchase of firearms including semi-automatic weapons and reciprocity for gun ownership in all 50 states; marriage and driver’s licenses are recognized and gun ownership should be no different. Brian will not support a law that restricts gun purchase that violates due process.


Brian believes Immigration policy includes borders, skills-based immigration, and adherence to rule the of law.

Our immigration system is broken and rewards those who don’t follow the law while penalizing those that do. Brian opposes amnesty for foreign nationals that have broken the law and entered the United States illegally. He supports securing the border and ending the diversity lottery. Brian also supports ending chain migration for those outside the nuclear family of those looking to legally emigrate in America.  Brian will work towards a skills-based immigration system that keeps Americans safe first and upholds the law

Environment & Conservation

Brian believes protection of South Jersey's environmental treasures is essential.

South Jersey has wetlands and shorelines that must be protected from pollution and man-made errors. Brian is devoted to ensuring these natural gems are defended through green conservative solutions. Our economy, which is heavily dependent on tourism, is contingent on keeping the 2nd District beautiful and clean.

With the potential of future off shore drilling, Brian will work to ensure that any policies created have stringent safety regulations and always contain appropriate fiscal responsibility should any accidents occur; the corporations responsible must fund all restoration and reimburse South Jersey citizens for any negative economic impacts. Before any major policy decisions are made, resident and business inputs are critical and will drive Brian’s vote.


Brian believes that government has an obligation to protect life.

Brian has a strong moral compass and is pro-life, but he’s also a practical realist. The United States is one of the few countries that still allows late term abortions (twenty weeks; when infants can live outside the womb). Developed countries in Europe such as Greece, Italy, France, Germany, and Austria all have laws that prohibit abortions past twelve weeks. Brian will work to pass a bill that ends late term abortions during the last half of pregnancy. A heartbeat begins a life just as it ends a life.