A New Voice. A New Future.

South Jersey needs new leadership to address the growing and dynamic challenges. It's time a fresh candidate with new ideas tackles the issues facing the 2nd District; not the politicians of yesterday.

South Jersey Values

Aviation, tourism, agriculture, real estate, manufacturing, and the environment are the pillars of the 2nd District. It's time to grow the region and empower our veterans, millennials, retirees, and middle class residents.


With seven casinos closing in Atlantic City in the last decade, thousands of jobs have disappeared, hundreds of residents have fled, and millions in tax revenue have been lost. However, a new wave for South Jersey can happen with economic insurgency and new industry.

Meet Brian Fitzherbert

Brian is running for the U.S. Congressional seat in the 2nd District of New Jersey for the same reason he worked in the defense industry: he wants to lead with a new vision as the economy and supply chain continue to expand.

South Jersey needs a fresh voice with innovative ideas. Brian’s business career has been about supporting the War Fighter, solving operational, technical and strategic problems in manufacturing, as well as expanding the application of aviation and aerospace.

As a Senior Project Manager, Brian was responsible for financial budgeting, scheduling, planning, procurement, engineering, and quality to manufacture and deliver products such as drones, ground control stations, electronic warfare testers, simulators, and area attack weapons supporting the United States Army, Navy and Air Force.

South Jersey has been hit hard by a trifecta in the last decade: the Great Recession, Hurricane Sandy, and the closing of some Atlantic City casinos. Its because of these events that we need a new leader that will bring economic development to the 2nd District. South Jersey needs a Congressman that isn’t a politician of yesterday but a leader of the future. It needs a #NewWaveForSouthJersey

April 4 2018 Fitzherbert 3

Embrace the Future. Not the Politicians of yesterday.

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